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Home of the WiTSTM 

The Window Tiling System or WiTSTM is our flagship product and will change the way you tile forever! It is a demonstration of our ability to innovate, and it will set the pace for others to follow. Our unique fully patented design ensures exclusivity and is considered the catalyst for change. 

Buying wood is a thing of the past! 

Our cost-effective design provides the Tiler the flexibility to tile a range of upper faces on windows, doors, apertures et al. The days of having to constantly buy wood and make one expensive ad-hoc support structure after another are gone! The Window Tiling System will save you time, money, and is built to last. It is flexible, and fully mobile providing the tiling professional an optimal and lasting tiling solution. 

Optimal Utility 

The WITSTM is a tiling apparatus that can be incrementally adjusted up to the tiling surface via our unique hand-operated 'dual' actuator configuration. Its easy to assemble, use, store and is fully mobile. 
The Window Tiling System

Extended Range and Flexibility 

The WITSTM is not a tool, it is a tiling system comprising of multiple parts.The WiTSTM contains 2 pillar extensions and 2 head bars of differing sizes providing the tiler an extended range and enhanced flexibility. 
Unique Design

Superior Tiling Aesthetics  

The WITSTM provides the Tiler with a ‘Tile Horizon” through an integrated level ensuring the very best tiling aesthetics are achieved time-after-time. 
The Window Tiling System

Safe Travels 

Our dedicated storage and transit case is tough and easy to use ensuring the Window Tiling System is well protected on its travels. The system will remain fit to use time after time. 

Coming Soon 

We may be small, but we think big! The Window Tiling System ‘Mini’ and ‘Maxi’ are currently under investigation expanding our innovative range further. Increasing the ability to tile small shower recesses and larger scale projects such as bi-fold doorways quickly, cheaply and efficiently will provide the all-round tiling solution. 






Invest in Innovation 

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